Adult Volunteer Literacy Tutors

Interested in becoming a volunteer literacy tutor?

There is great satisfaction in helping someone to learn to read a newspaper, fill out a form, look for work, or write with confidence. To be an adult literacy tutor, you need to have good English reading and writing skills yourself, but your personal qualities are more important than technical knowledge.

A good adult literacy tutor:

  • is welcoming and treats the learner as an individual and an equal.
  • is positive, supportive and encourages learners to ask questions without fear of being ridiculed.
  • uses material that relates to the learner’s life experience and needs.

Most public libraries have collections of adult literacy resources available to the public, and many libraries will also have volunteer tutor programs.

If you’d like more information about becoming a volunteer literacy tutor, call the Hotline on 1300 6 555 06.

The Reading Writing Hotline also has a range of
useful tutor resources available for download.