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    We’re so happy to announce that we now have volunteer adult literacy tutor training available to anyone who wants it!  Our new individual self-paced program can be accessed for free on the Hotline website. This means that would-be tutors can access it independently, without needing......

    Current and former Hotline teachers and staff The Hotline celebrated its 30th Anniversary at the Mint in Sydney with inspiring speakers, a special video story, recognition of lifetime achievements, and lots of old and new friends. Current and former Hotline staff joined in the celebration......

    Workbook on Trucking With decreased provision for lower level literacy and numeracy learners, the Hotline has developed some beginner resources to help fill the gap. We send these resources to callers who have no other provision available, but who can access support from a friend......

    An important role of the Hotline manager is to raise literacy awareness and to encourage people with literacy gaps to ring and seek help.  We often do this in partnership with other organisations and through the media, particularly local radio. Over the past month, the......

    Since the last Federal election there has been a lot of literacy/numeracy activity, with much long-overdue change on the horizon. Many of us in the literacy/numeracy field feel that we are in a giant holding pattern on many fronts, awaiting the outcome of multiple reviews......

    This article provides information on conferences and workshops on literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. Check out the International Congress of Mathematics Education in Sydney, the VALBEC conference in Melbourne, the online  Australasian Corrections Education Association Conference and VET research conferences. International (conference located in Sydney)......