Hotline Publications

Uncovering Adult Literacy and Numeracy Needs in Australia

The second and final phase of national research into adult literacy and numeracy needs and barriers conducted by Social Equity Works for the Reading Writing Hotline. A key finding from the research is that 89% of respondents reported unmet needs in their communities for adult literacy.

Uncovering Adult Literacy and Numeracy Needs in Australia

Reader friendly communication: A guide to using plain language

This resource explores how to use plain language and understand your readers. It includes case studies of organisations which are making their communications more reader friendly.

Reader friendly communication - PDF (11 MB)

Literacy Face to Face

Literacy Face to Face is a handbook for volunteer adult literacy tutors and others who want to help someone improve their literacy.

Literacy Face to Face - PDF (9 MB)

Helping Clients Fill in Forms Report

This report examines how community organisations are supporting their clients who face literacy barriers. It was produced in partnership with NCOSS and looks at how support is provided, and how this unrecognised issue impacts both their clients and their workforce.

Hotline Workbooks

The Reading Writing Hotline has developed a range of beginner workbooks. These workbooks were designed to assist people who are unable to access courses and would like to start learning from home.

Insights from the Classroom

The report Insights from the Classroom presents research findings about adult literacy needs in communities, and barriers to offering programs.

Insights from the Classroom - PDF (620 KB)