Vocational Training for Indigenous learners

Anangu Disability Support Worker

Comic and series of videos about being a Disability Support worker for NDIS. Developed by italk Studios for Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation.


Video series can be found here on Youtube.

Building Literacy & Numeracy

This English literacy support package was developed to support VET certificates in construction. The set comprises four books that can be purchased individually or as a set.


A series of magazines and videos aimed at youth in remote Northern Territory communities. Provides an introduction to a range of VET pathways and indicates the literacy and numeracy requirements of each. Developed by the Department of Education, NT.

Boat Notes

BoatNotes is a multimedia resource to support students engaged in Maritime Industry Training in Northern Australia. It focuses on key literacy and numeracy skills involved in the areas of marine navigation. BoatNotes provides web-based video and interactive multimedia resources for students and activities for trainers.

Deadly Bay

An interactive learning resource for young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. Develops the language, literacy and numeracy skills required to demonstrate employability skills in six industries: Seafood, Tourism, Hospitality, Horticulture, Community Recreation, and Business Services. These industries have been identified as providing potential employment options for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people.
Teacher Guide Deadly Bay
Learner Guide Deadly Bay

Hospitality Resources

Developed by William Angliss Institute, a number of free print resources to provide teaching and learning materials for nine hospitality units of competency and general advice and suggestions on supporting Indigenous learners and learners with LLN needs.


A multimedia resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working (or wanting to work) in the automotive industry. This interactive CD ROM comes with a Teacher’s Guide and Learner Workbook and supports language, literacy and numeracy skills related to units of competency from the Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package.
Overdrive workbook

Working with the Mining Mob

A DVD and workbook resource to help indigenous people prepare for employment in the mining industry.
The workbook can be downloaded for free and for DVD materials contact the Reading Writing Hotline on 1300 655 506.
Workbook Mining Mob
Training Guide Mining Mob

Community Service and Health Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Training Resource Kit

These were developed for use in Indigenous Community Health workplaces and funded under the WELL program by the Commonwealth Government.

Parts of them would be suitable for people wanting work-related LLN to do with health care, child care or meeting procedures.

The instructional language used in them is generally too high for the ACSF level of the material.  Mostly they need trainer input and aren’t suitable for self-study, or for general purpose literacy.

Learning Part 1 | Numeracy Part 1 | Oral Communication Part 1 | Reading Part 1 | Writing Part 1

Learning Part 2 | Numeracy Part 2Oral Communication Part 2 | Reading Part 2 | Writing Part 2

Numeracy Part 3Oral Communication Part 3

Numeracy Part 4