An “a ha” moment

An “a ha” moment

Michelle’s goal was to move from her current job as a factory worker to a role in Business Administration.

Michelle had rung the Hotline regularly. She was frustrated at how difficult it was to find a suitable course to help her achieve her goal.  She didn’t ‘fit’ into any eligible categories. As a full-time worker, she was not eligible for the SEE program, and many classes run only during working hours.

As Michelle was not able to access a class or volunteer tutor, one of the Hotline teachers, Tracey, encouraged her to email. This writing practice gave Michelle something to work towards.

In the meantime, the Hotline found a local TAFE class for Michelle. After her first class, Michelle phoned the Hotline to let us know how she went. Though initially anxious about going back into a classroom, she said the teacher was so kind that she had felt very comfortable. The teacher had sat with her giving constant encouragement.

Michelle couldn’t believe she was finally on the first step towards her goal of working in administration.

Michelle rang two weeks later to say she’d had an ‘a-ha’ moment. After learning for the first time in her life about nouns, verbs and adjectives, she thought she didn’t understand. However, the next day when she was texting her son, she said ‘the penny dropped’. Suddenly she understood what her teacher had taught her the night before. It all made sense. Not only that, but Michelle said she was feeling less stressed about her future. “My mind is now freer to take in new knowledge”