Thanks Don

Thanks Don

CEO, Don Perlgut of Community Colleges Australia

David Mackay, Chair of the Board of Community Colleges Australia, recently announced ‘with both sadness and gratitude” the resignation of Dr Don Perlgut from his position as CEO of Community Colleges Australia (CCA). Don’s resignation is effective from 14 July this year.

Don has been an energetic and committed advocate for adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy learners and teachers. He has brought his intelligent, well researched and passionate approach to the diverse areas in which he works; from submitting to and presenting at government reviews, participating in key forums and working groups such as the Commonwealth’s Foundation Skills Advisory Group, and hosting Foundation Forums in CCA conferences and other events. Underpinning this work is his deep commitment to social justice and equity.

On a personal level Don has enthusiastically and generously worked collaboratively with the Hotline and provided great advice and support to us. His advice, expertise and collaboration will be sorely missed but we look forward to seeing where his future work takes him.

We leave you with an example of Don’s work in a recent article, analysing the new energy in Australian foundation skills policy and recommending ways to improve it.